Château de Kerjean

Built during the late 16th century, the Château de Kerjean is representative of the French Renaissance.

The Parish Closes

Unique in Europe, 'parish closes' are testament to religious fervor, artistic talent, the exceptional pomp of past centuries, and the artwork of artists and craftsmen.


Only a 30mn drive from Roscoff, hidden in a valley and overlooked by the famous Napoleonic viaduct Morlaix is a charming city with its halftimbering houses and passageways.

Boat tours in the Baie de Morlaix

Drift with the wind and currents and discover the charismatic Baie de Morlaix.

Oceanopolis, marine discovery centre

Océanopolis invites you to a journey of discovery through the world's oceans.

Île de Batz

Forget about the mainland, cast your anchor and blossom on the beautiful Île de Batz !

Roscoff Botanical Garden

The southern hemisphere in northern Finistère ! Over 3500 species of subtropical and austral plants...

Roscoff Heritage Trail

The coastal town of Roscoff holds an exceptional history of corsairs and pirates !

The Little City Train

Time travel onboard the Little City Train !