The Little City Train

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Hop on Roscoff's Little Train for a 40min tour through the old town !

Time travel onboard the Little City Train, and learn about the Corsair City. Who knows, you might meet Tristan Corbière wandering along the quay or Mary Stuart looking over the sea from the top of her turret... The tour will take you through Roscoff's old streets revealing a rich history with shipowners houses, chapels and the church before heading towards Aber Castle. Greet Sainte-Barbe Chapel next to Bloscon Fort, like the Johnnies used to before travelling to Great-Britain to sell their renowned pink onions. On your way back, along the quay, you might bump into the famous courtesan Liane de Pougy ...

Guided tours, suitable for children (6 languages: english, french, german, spanish, italian, dutch).

Duration : 45 minutes. Departure : on the Old Port next to the Creperie-Pizzeria L'Estacade.

Timetable available on site.

Open from April to October.

Contact : + 33 6 01 03 16 64

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