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Beaches in Roscoff

You will always find a sheltered beach in and around Roscoff!

The Plage ("Beach") de Roc'h Kroum, situated right in the centre of Roscoff, is supervised during summer.

Facilities : diving board, showers, and floating wheelchairs for disabled. Don't hesitate to ask lifeguards for additional information !

La Plage de Roc'h kroum in Roscoff

Roscoff is surrounded by many other beautiful beaches: La Grande Grève, Perharidy, Traon Erc’h...

Travels tips and recommendations : Ask for the map of Roscoff at the Tourist Information Centre, all the beaches are identified !

A little bit further...

Santec : Le Dossen, is a long stretch of white sandy overlooking the Île de Sieck. You can access the island by foot at low tide (don't forget to check the tide tables!) Feeling adventurous? Try our watersport activities such as windsurfing, surfing, sand yachting, ... However, the beach is not supervised.

Saint-Pol-de-Léon : the strand of Sainte-Anne is a lovely place to spend family time. Relax at the beach, jump in the rock pools and climb up the diving board or head over onto the island and enjoy the children's playground! The beach is supervised during summer.

The Île de Batz : Enjoy the 15-minute ferry crossing to the Île de Batz and explore the tropical-like sandy beaches, one of the biggest attraction on the island ! Be careful, the beaches are not supervised. Dogs allowed on-leash on the beaches.

Santec Beach :
Le Dossen in Santec
beach st pol
Plage de Sainte-Anne in Saint-Pol-de-Léon
Batz Island beach
Beach on the Île de Batz

Travels Tips and recommendations : Ask for the free tide times guide to follow the rise and fall of the sea !

A little bit further out...

Have you heard of "La Côte des Sables" ("The Sand Coast")? The name speaks for itself ! La Côte des Sables stretches from Santec (5 km to the west of Roscoff) to Plouescat : almost 30 kms of dunes, rocky shores and white beaches with blue-emerald crystal clear waters !

La Côte des Sables : Plouescat
Les Amiets in Cleder

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