Boat tours in the Baie de Morlaix

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There are many ways of discovering the Baie de Morlaix : on a traditional sailing boat, on a 12-seater semi-rigid, small and large ferries... Departures are usually from Roscoff's Old Port or Bloscon Marina, near the city center.

Explore this exceptional setting and observe the Château du Taureau (visits can be included), the Île Louët and Île Noire, Île de Batz and Île Callot but also the the ornithological reserve to spot Northern Gannets, Oystercatchers, Terns, Cormorants...

Different options :

Les Vagabonds de la Baie : Venture onboard our friendly semi-rigid "Vagabond" to explore the coastline of the Baie de Morlaix. Our 12 seater semi-rigid will provide you with easy access to the most interesting sites and great thrills ! You will closely approach isles and marine wildlife. Our guide will share knowledge of marine wildlife and the history of Morlaix Bay with you. Different tours available : discover the Château du Taureau, the Île de Batz and Île Callot. Private and fully personalized boat tours on request. Binoculars and sea clothing available for passengers. Online Bookings : Phone : 06 33 00 65 01 or 02 98 72 49 55.

Voilier traditionel Amzer'zo : Drift with the wind and currents and discover the charismatic Baie de Morlaix. Enjoy a sailing trip combining comfort and respect for the marine environment. Explore this exceptional setting and observe the Château du Taureau, the Île Louët and the Île Noire but also the Northern Gannets, Oystercatchers, Terns, Cormorants... Whether you're on your own or with family and friends, grab your picnic and hop onboard Amzer'zo at Bloscon Marina in Roscoff. 11 people maximum. Half-day (35€/adult), day (50€/adult ; 40€/<12 years old) or multi-day boat trips. Open from May 1st to October 31st. Phone : 06 21 83 14 63. Mail : Web :

Voilier Mondara Mad : Zao Association offers, with a contribution, one or more sailing trips (4-5h or the whole day). Sail and discover the Baie de Morlaix, the ornithological reserve and the Château du Taureau. Quietly discover the treasures of Morlaix and the unique sparkle of light across the islands and isles. So ready yourself to hoist the sails, spot seals, cetaceans and sea birds, set a fishing line or take the helm. Embark either at the Old Port next to Tristan Corbière cannons or at Bloscon Marina. Price : 50€/adult & 35€ < 18 years old. Open from April to October. Phone : 06 80 54 04 25. Web :

Les Vedettes de L'Île de Batz : Boat tours, departure from the ports of Carantec, Plougasnou, Morlaix, Moguériec Saint-Pol-de-Léon. Boat tours adapted to your needs and interests ! Weddings, baptisms, or communions! Baie de Morlaix (2 hours) : Explore a rich heritage around the Château du Taureau, the Île Louët, Île Noire and Île Callot and the ornithological reserve. The Château du Taureau (3h including the visit of the Baie de Morlaix), with guided tour of the castle (1h). Tour around the Île de Batz (1h15), learn about the nautical charts, the legends, of the way of life of islander people. Navigate upstream or downstream Morlaix River (2h30) and observe beautiful mansions and castles built along the riverbank (visit of the Baie de Morlaix included). The wild coast of Moguériec (1h15). Guy will tell you stories about seamen and the inhabitants living on this coast shaped with unique giant boulders such as "The Gilt" or "The Monkey". Take part to famous sailing racecourse departures : "Trans-Manche", "Figaro", "Route du rhum" and "The Armada of Brest". For the above boat tours : Bookings required for groups and individuals with the ferry company. English spoken. Phone : 07 62 61 12 12. Mail : Web :

bridge of the old port of roscoff
Bridge of the old port of Roscoff
Sea map of the bay
the boat
On the boat!
Bay of Morlaix Bay of Morlaix

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