Roscoff Botanical Garden

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The southern hemisphere in northern Finistère! 3000 species of subtropical and austral plants, an 18m high rock with a lookout on the Bay of Morlaix, waterfalls, ponds and fountains; cactus, agave and aloe rockery. Plants for sale all year round.

The Botanical Garden is opened from march to november:

January-February : Closed

15th March to the 30th of June : 10am - 6pm (Opened everyday)

July-August : 10am - 7pm (opened everyday)

1st September- 15th of November : 10am - 6pm (opened everyday)

November : 2pm - 5pm (opened everyday)

December : Closed

    Exotic garden of Roscoff exotic garden of Roscoff Exotic garden of Roscoff

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