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Health and wellbeing : Getting the most out of the sea !

It goes without saying, our region is the place to be for sea-based treatments ; more than anywhere else ! For a long time we have known the virtues of iodized air and seaweeds. Our renowned thalassotherapy centres offer a full range of treatments composed by the sea with advanced technology for wellbeing-seekers ! Immerse yourself into relaxing and revigorating "à la carte" treatments adapted to your needs in a beautiful setting overlooking the bay and the Île de Batz ! Body scrub, body wrap... Find the perfect type of massage for you !

Spa marin Valdys - Thalasso of Roscoff

The Thalassotherapy Spa Valdys welcomes you all-year-round. Dr. Bagot created the very first thalassotherapy treatment centre in France, here in Roscoff ! Located on the Plage de Rock'roum and facing the Île de Batz, Valdys Roscoff Resort invites you to unwind in an authentic natural setting. Enjoy the unique experience of sea based treatments, expertly designed, crafted and applied. Valdys Roscoff offers different packages : 6-day treatments, 1 to 5 days mini-treatment, 1 to 2 days getaway, 1 day thalassos and spa and "à la carte" treatments. New in 2021: Spa holiday “Free and Reboosted”, 3 new Health holidays (Joints, Micronutrition or Breast Post-cancer), and the getaway holiday “Evasion Indienne”...

The Spa Pool centre has two heated sea-water swimming-pools (31°C), including one recreational pool, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna and outdoor jacuzzi.

Swimming caps and flip flops mandatory to access the pool.

thalasso of Roscoff

Brittany & Spa

Access to hotel residents only.

With over 200m² dedicated to well-being and relaxation Le Brittany & Spa provides you with :

  • Two large massage and wrapping cabins
  • Balneotherapy
  • Turkish bath
  • A herbal teahouse
  • Heated indoor swimming-pool

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