Île Callot

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If you are you looking for a relaxing atmosphere, you have to visit Île Callot in Carantec ! This 2km-long island shaped like a seahorse is accessible on foot before and after low tide depending on the tidal coefficient.A timetable at the entrance of the 800-meter long passageway to the island explains you when the island is accessible (don't forget to ask for our free tide times guide at the Tourist Information Centre!).

There is a lovely walking track around the island with stunning lookouts on the Baie de Morlaix, Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Roscoff, especially from the chapel Notre Dame de Callot.

Feeling like trying something a little different? Try cockle or clam fishing! All you need is a little rake and a bucket.

And if anyone is wondering what "Callot" means... It comes from the breton word "Galloud" meaning... Power!

Tips :

  • In July and august, you must park at the port of Carantec, the island is not accessible by car (except for disabled people).
  • Keep in mind there is a 20min-walk between the mainland and the island, you don't want to get stuck for the night!
Callot island Callot island

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