Roscoff Ferry terminal

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The ferry terminal is located in the Bloscon Port. Roscoff town centre is only a 15-min-walk from the ferry terminal. You will find parking facilities in front of the terminal, all free of charge, but vehicles are left at the owner's own risk. There is also a small overnight parking area for campervans and caravans near the embarkation lanes.

A bus shelter is located on the left side.

Ferry arrival in Roscoff
Ferry terminal Roscoff
Roscoff ferry terminal
ferry-terminal roscoff 2
Ferry terminal in Roscoff
ferry terminal roscoff 3
Inside the ferry terminal of Roscoff
ferry terminal roscoff information
Information point of the ferry terminal
roscoff ferry terminal to center panel
Direction to town center
roscoff terminal port to town center
Street to the town center, follow the lighthouse!

Ferry terminal of Roscoff

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