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What is the last letter of the word oico?

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#1  - Aiex Smith said - reply

what has gone wrong with the web cam.

#2  - visit-roscoff said - reply

Good evening,

Very sorry for the delay. Unfortunately the webcam has had technical issues for a little while now, hopefully we will be able to make it work again in a not so distant future !

Kind regards,

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#3  - Duncan Macpherson said - reply

Do you have maps of simple cycle routes around Roscoff. Traffic free or quiet roads

#4  - visit-roscoff said - reply

Good afternoon,

Our apologize for the delay.
The following two links will provide you with cycle routes in and around Roscoff :
There is usually a little more traffic at this time of the year but some parts will be quiet (orange route for the Velyssee and green route for the Voie 5).
There a guide available at the Tourist Information Centre in Roscoff describing 15 itineraries in the area for 1€.

Kindest regards,

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#5  - Brian timms said - reply

We are cyclists no car is there a pitch for us
On July 30 for 1 night

#6  - visit-roscoff said - reply

Good evening,

Apologize for the delay. Are you looking for a campsite ? Camping or guesthouse, hotel ? In Roscoff or the close surroundings ? How many persons? Do you have a budget ?
Our website provides you with a list of accommadation :
However, do not hesitate to give us a little more detail as to what you are looking for so we can better assist you.

Kindest regards,

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#7  - said - reply

We hope to ride the velodyssey from Roscoff to Nantes at the end of August. Can you send us any information about the route from Roscoff to the Canal de Bretagne and on to Nantes and also details of accommodation on the journey . Thank you.

#8  - visit-roscoff said - reply

Good afternoon,

Well surely this will be a lovely trip ! There are 27 official stages (385 km) to cycle from Roscoff to Nantes. Although the website is in french, you may access a detailed map on the official website.
Regarding the accommodation, unfortunately there is no updated list specific to the velodyssey available, however you can contact the Tourist Information Centres along the way, they can provide you with a list of suitable accommodation. For Roscoff and the surroundings, a list is available here.

Enjoy your trip!
Kindest regards,
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